The Copeland Barn.

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A few years ago, my parents moved into a house that stood on land that had once been a farm. For a couple hundred years, The Copeland family had lived in a large farmhouse on the property with rooms enough for the entire family and the farmhands. The farm also comprised of several barns, all of which have since been torn down except for one.

(Taken with Polaroid Viva film in a Polaroid Square Shooter 2.)

My father believes the barn dates back to 1810. Originally, Copeland Farm was a dairy farm, and the barn pictured above housed the cows. The cows were kept on the lower level, and hay and other feed could be trucked in through the large sliding door on the front. Later, the Copelands began making, bottling and selling cider, spring water and ginger ale and eventually owned a Pepsi bottling franchise. The cattle barn ended up being used for storage.

(Taken with 35mm film in a Lomo Horizon Kompakt.)

My parents are currently in the process of renovating the barn. More pictures to come…

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We Sink Ships: “In Transit” Online Exhibition

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This photo is currently featured with two others in an online exhibition titled, “In Transit” at We Sink Ships. We Sink Ships (WSS) is a collaboration featuring Heidi Kuisma, a Finnish, Glasgow based photographer and Neil Milton, a Scottish photographer, musician and record label owner living in Warsaw in Poland. Together they create and curate online photo exhibitions, along with hosting weekly radio podcasts.
I was approached by Heidi via to take part in the exhibition, to which I submitted three photos. I was only told the title of the exhibition, and was asked to come up with three photos that encapsulated motion and travel. I chose the above photo because I took it in Arizona while literally in transit. My girlfriend and I were visiting my cousin and his wife and kids in Scottsdale, and they lent us their car to take a little road trip. This photo was taken near Cordes Junction, AZ at a rest stop. I used my polaroid Square Shooter 2 camera and Type 88 square format pack film, because it tends to yield muted tones, which fit with the hot, dry atmosphere of Arizona, and this faded car in particular. I especially like the light leak in the top left corner.

“In Transit” is currently available for viewing, and I’m thrilled and honored to be featured alongside some of these other photographers. My favorites are Arthur Shuraev, Mary Robinson, Anna Shelton, Hannah Davis and Alan Campbell.

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Snack Time.

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This photo got a lot of positive feedback on my Flickr portfolio. It was taken in Dorchester, MA, at the waterfront on the Nepsonset trail.  I brought potato chips and sat on the wall, tossing the occasional chip to the seagulls that populate the beach there.  Eventually, it got the point where the seagulls were coming right up to me. I went there that day with the goal of getting some close-up shots of the seagulls. I started to hold chips directly above me, at arm’s length, and honest to God, they came right out of the air and snatched the chips from my fingers. That’s how I managed the above shot.

I used a Polaroid Square Shooter 2 camera, with Polaroid Viva square-format Type 80 film. Viva has very vivid blue tones, which is one thing I’ve always loved about it. I also had good light that day, so the blur is minimized.

This photo is currently available for license through Getty Images, and was actually licensed already by Live Nation.

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