Impossible Project Cool Film

April 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last week, The Impossible Project rolled out a new line of films. Well, it’s not new film so much as it is a film that has utilized a new technique to improve performance and quality. The new “Cool” film is comprised of similar materials as recent film batches, except that all of the core components (the negative sheet, the developer chemistry, etc.) have been stored cold, hence the name. But the cold storage doesn’t end there: the film is kept in a fridge at The Impossible Project’s NYC Space and its warehouses, and it’s recommended that you store the film in your own fridge until you use it.

The Impossible factory team in the Netherlands, through endless testing, have found that this method of cold storage has really brought out the best characteristics of Impossible film.

So far, I’ve been able to test PX 680 Cool, PX 600 Cool and PX 70 Cool. Here are some of my results:

PX 680 Color Shade




PX 600 Silver Shade




PX 70 Color Shade




All of the films are a little faster than normal. So far, I’ve found that when shooting PX 680 Cool and PX 70 Cool in bright sunlight, you should turn the exposure wheel/switch on your camera about 3/4 toward darken. I also always heat up color prints under my arm for a minute or two after they first eject, which brings out better color and contrast. For PX 600 Cool, in bright light, push the exposure wheel/switch about 1/4-1/2 of the way to darken.

When it comes to storing your photos, keeping them in airtight bags in the fridge will help to prevent them from shifting in color. For black and white photos, store them with silica gel packets to help them dry out faster and retain crisp black and white tones.

Go here to buy some Cool film!:

And go to my Flickr Photostream and my Tumblr to see more of my photography.


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