April 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

Recently, Timothy from boomvintage sent me a message on Twitter telling me he had gotten his hands on a Polaroid SLR 680, but that the film door was busted. He asked me if I knew anyone who would want it in that condition, and I leaped at it. I knew from Frank Love at The Impossible Project that it was easy to switch doors from camera to camera, and had a defective SX-70 from which I could steal the film door.

Timothy said he didn’t want any money for the camera, so I asked how I could return the favor. He told me that he had been in NYC once before, and had stayed at the Belvedere Hotel. He regretted never having taken a photo of the hotel, and said that if I would take a photo for him, we’d be even stevens. So, I went on down there to W 48th and snapped this…

(Taken w/ Polaroid Colorpack II, Polaroid Type 100 Chocolate film.)

I sent the photo to Timothy and he sent along the 680. Not only was the camera in the box, he had also included an amazing photo he had taken himself with Polaroid 600 film…

Next, here’s a shot I took with the Frankenroid and Impossible Project PX 600 UV+ film…

And finally, I couldn’t write a blog post about the Frankenroid and not include a photo of him…

Thanks again to Timothy. Check out for vintage men’s clothing and Polaroid cameras.
For Polaroid Chocolate film and PX 600 UV+ and other instant film, visit The Impossible Project.

And of course, swing by my photo stream if you feel so inclined.


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