New PX 680 Film from The Impossible Project.

March 25, 2011 § 15 Comments

Over the past year, The Impossible Project has released 10 new film types and has already found a home in the hearts of analog users all over the world. But perhaps the most anticipated film release from Impossible is their color 600 film equivalent. Well, the time has come. After much testing, Impossible has now unveiled PX 680. It’s got more contrast than PX70 Color Shade and PX70 Push! and the colors are richer.

The Impossible Project was good enough to allow me to serve as a test photographer for their initial batches of PX 680 Beta. Check out some of my shots here…

A test version of PX 680 is now available for sale exclusively to Impossible Pioneer members and friends of The Impossible Project, with an official release of PX 680 First Flush coming in April, and subsequent batches in June. Stay tuned to for all the details. And don’t forget to wish Impossible a happy birthday (they turned 1 this week)!

Thanks very much to TIP for including me in the testing process!

Don’t forget to zip by My Photo Stream on your way out of town.

AND check out more Impossible Project PX 680 shots in the PX 680 Flickr Group.


§ 15 Responses to New PX 680 Film from The Impossible Project.

  • Jan's camera says:

    Hi Pat, thanks for the update. I love these photos, especially the one of your gal pal.

  • simon says:

    The shots look great! Cant wait to get my hands on some 680, although that means purchasing another camera, i think.

  • Thank you, both! Simon, what camera do you have?

    • Jeff says:

      Ordered mine today, very excited. However, I must know, what did you use to get the night image with the slight star trails above? Remote shutter cable?

  • Ha, that shot was actually taken during the day, but I see what you mean. It does look like a starry night sky. It was the very first shot from my first test pack. The “stars” are just speckling in the emulsion. The test batches since then have fewer speckles.

    • Jeff says:

      What a relief. I was thinking I had a lot to learn about shooting in color again. The blues are really strong in this one, really inspiring.

  • Brian says:

    What about the light sensitivity issues? And maybe it’s too early to tell, but any hints about the stability image and archival potential?

  • Nicholas says:

    Hi Patrick, The shots are really amazing! It looks so much more contrasty and vivid compared to the PX 70 Push! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new films and feed some to my beloved SLR 680! Anyway, just a couple of questions.. Does the films have signs of fading like the rest of the impossible films? And is it temperature sensitive (for the developing phase) like the B&W PX films?

  • GC says:

    these are amazing… me and my 600 is sooo looking forward for this! 🙂 out of curiosity, how many exposures are in a pack? 8? 10??

  • Thanks, everyone!

    Brian and Nicholas: The film is temperature sensitive, but so was Polaroid 600. Just need to keep it warm if shooting outdoors in cold temps. Also, it is light sensitive but only in bright daylight. You don’t need to shield the prints from light when they eject from the camera if you are shooting indoors with artificial light. Mine have not yet faded and I took them as far back as a month ago. The color doesn’t shift either, it’s pretty stable.
    GC: It’s still 8 exposures per pack. Not sure if Impossible will eventually move to 10 like Polaroid.

  • Jess says:

    LOVE these shots … Awesome work! So excited about getting to know this beautiful new film.

  • Mark says:

    Can’t wait to shoot this film! Any idea when they are going to start selling it?

  • Thanks, Jess! Mark, the First Flush release of the new PX 680 film will tentatively be available at some point next month, but that’s not definite. Keep checking in at the Impossible Project site linked to above for details!

  • panelomo says:

    definitely trying 680 soon – lovely shots indeed!

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