Farewell, 600.

February 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

When Polaroid announced plans for discontinuing their instant film back in February of 2008 (three years ago already?!?!), I remember people talking about what their last shot using Polaroid 600 film would be. I didn’t give it much thought at the time, because I knew there would be a few more productions runs of Type 600 before they all ran out, but I hoped that my own final 600 shot would be one I was proud of. Well, that time has come for me. A few months ago, Annie B of the Impossible Project put a few packs of their remaining 600 stock aside for me in the New York Impossible Space and I’ve made it through them. And I just can’t afford to pay whatever exorbitant prices 600 is going for now on eBay.

This is it:

Saturday morning, after sleeping in, my fiancee, getting out of bed, stopped and sat, looking out the window. I had left the room and I wandered back in just as she started to stand up. I yelled, “NO! Don’t move! I have to get this shot!” She’s always patient with me and my photography, so she obliged. I framed her up, stood perfectly still, and hit the little black button. My 680 whirred and gave me what you see above.

The day before I took this, I swapped my last pack of 600 from a dead SX-70 to my SLR 680, which accounts for the light leak burns at the bottom, but I don’t mind it. It gives the shot a dreamy effect, and she’d just woken up so it’s fitting. One could also say it’s the ghost of 600 leaving this world. Whatever you think, I’m happy with my last 600 shot.

Now we thankfully have The Impossible Project providing us with instant satisfaction.

It’s been real, Type 600. Time for you to hit the old dusty trail. I tip my hat to you, old friend.

Oh, and don’t forget to stop by My Photo Stream.

This photo was also featured in the blog of Paul Giambarba, the creative genius behind Polaroid’s iconic packaging and brand identity for almost 25 years! Read his post HERE.


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