Wintry Mix.

February 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

One morning last week, I woke up to snow falling lightly outside my window. It was that real-deal snow, the light fluffy stuff that’s actually shaped like snowflakes. On the fire escape outside our living room window, there was a layer of soft, clean, untouched snow. I grabbed my SLR 680, which contained my last pack of 600 film and took this…

The day before, I had switched the pack of 600 film from a dead SX-70 over to my 680, and some light must have leaked into the cartridge, hence the burn at the bottom. It gives it a dreamy effect, which is fitting because the photo kind of captures the sense of quiet and cleanness of snow falling.
So, I got to thinking, with all the snow we’ve been getting lately, it seemed natural to dedicate a blog entry to winter-themed photos. I went through my photostream and picked out what I felt were some of my better winter shots.

This one I took like 7 years ago with a cheap, plastic Polaroid 600 camera…

This is one of those shots where I feel like I captured the perfect moment. I’m happy with the composition. I like that the cool blue of the sky seems like the only color. I love the cottony clouds, the dead trees reaching out. In spite of being taken with one of the crappier Polaroid models, it’s still one of my personal favorites.

This next one was taken in Cavendish, VT….

My fiancee Amy’s parents have taken us to Okemo for several years to ski. I’m not a skier, however. While the rest of her family is on the mountain, I drive around exploring and taking pictures. That barn drew my attention because of the vintage signs and the tired-looking silo. I used one of my last packs of expired Type 88 film, which was possibly my favorite Polaroid film. Expired film for an expired farm scene.

This was also taken at Okemo…

Simple Holga shot, using a cheap Chinese brand of 120 film called Lucky. Amy and I took a stroll down the mountain so I could take some pictures. It was a nice time of day with really good natural light. I like how, because of the Holga’s cheap plastic lens, Amy is what’s in focus, while the image gets foggier toward the edges of the frame.

The next shot was taken in my hometown of Milton, MA.

This line of Massachusetts’ T, the Ashmont-Mattapan High-Speed Line, wasn’t operating for a while due to station renovations. When the renovations were completed, and the line was up and running again, they incorporated the old-fashioned, refurbished trolleys. I sat and waited at this spot for the trolley to come by for probably a half hour in the cold, that’s how badly I wanted this shot. It’s not as “high-speed” as it sounds. I’m fond of this one because it reminds me of vintage postcards.

This next one was taken with my Kodak Instamatic 124 camera…

I used to be a teacher of English at both the high school and middle school in my hometown. At the end of one school day, after my students had been dismissed, I snapped this shot from the library window, of the buses lining up outside the school (Yes, I almost always have a camera in my bag). When I scanned the negatives, I liked the frame next to the bus shot as well, so I took half of each.

Lastly, while this next shot isn’t exactly a winter scene, I felt it was appropriate…

This was part of a series of Polaroids I did of the small illustrations on the back covers of Life Nature Library books. These educational books are amazing. They’re from the 1960s, and cover a variety of topics including birds, primates, the desert, the forest, the mountains and the sea. The above shot features the illustration from the back cover of “The Poles.”

Now, as much as I enjoy these winter shots, I’m very anxious for summer to get here, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll make another blog entry of my favorite summer shots to get people hooped up about summer. Stay tuned.

And why not flip over to My Photo Stream?


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