Arm-Wrestling and Beer.

December 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

Made you look. This blog entry is actually about kittens.

My aunt, a Veterinary Technician, took in a pregnant stray at her clinic a few months ago. After churning those fuzzballs around for anywhere from 60 to 67 days, the mother cat provided the world with 7 more tiny kittens on November 29th. One of the kittens had an injured tail and was rejected by the mother. My aunt came home to find him alone in one corner on his back, blue and cold, but when she picked him up, he meowed. She got him warmed up and gave him back to the mother, who cleaned him off and welcomed him back into the gang.

The kitten pictured above is the one my sister is adopting. She had to put down our family cat a few weeks ago, so these little ones came along at just the right time. I personally like the one below.

She is a polydactyl, which means she has extra thumbs, so we’ve been calling her Polly. As of today they’re 2 weeks old. Stay tuned for more photos as they grow. I’ll be checking in on them until they’re ready to be adopted, which should be when they reach 8 weeks. Here’s one more photo…

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