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March 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is my girlfriend Amy’s sister Becky. One afternoon in October, we went up to the roofdeck of the apartment building where Becky lives with her fiance Scott. I had been wanting to shoot up there on a nice day like this, and I hadn’t shot anything with Beck before. She was game. We shot a bunch of stuff, Polaroid and 120 film, but this shot here was my favorite from that day.
This was taken with my Polaroid Electric Zip camera. Polaroid’s square-format pack film cameras like the Zip and the Square Shooters are some of my favorites to shoot with. I had found an old pack of Type 88 film frozen to the back of my refrigerator and brought it to test it this day, and it worked! It is a crime against humanity that Polaroid discontinued Type 88. 

This photo is one of those rare times when everything works out perfectly. The minimal focal length of the Polaroid Zip is about 3.5 feet, and that must be about exactly how far I am from Becky here. Her posture sums up who she is. A little bit of a lean, little bit of a smile, hair falling just right. Another thing that you really have to get down to a science is development time.  Type 88 is meant to develop for 60 seconds. Less than 60 yields pale, underexposed tones, but more than 60 will give you a darker image with green hues. Development also worked out well here.

I love this photo.

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Snack Time.

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This photo got a lot of positive feedback on my Flickr portfolio. It was taken in Dorchester, MA, at the waterfront on the Nepsonset trail.  I brought potato chips and sat on the wall, tossing the occasional chip to the seagulls that populate the beach there.  Eventually, it got the point where the seagulls were coming right up to me. I went there that day with the goal of getting some close-up shots of the seagulls. I started to hold chips directly above me, at arm’s length, and honest to God, they came right out of the air and snatched the chips from my fingers. That’s how I managed the above shot.

I used a Polaroid Square Shooter 2 camera, with Polaroid Viva square-format Type 80 film. Viva has very vivid blue tones, which is one thing I’ve always loved about it. I also had good light that day, so the blur is minimized.

This photo is currently available for license through Getty Images, and was actually licensed already by Live Nation.

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