Pink Gloves.

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I can’t tell you why I photograph the things I do. Mostly, I’m drawn to certain colors. When I see something I want to photograph, I try to think of what camera would best represent not only the color, but the object itself. In this case, I chose to photograph these simple kitchen gloves with my Polaroid Big Shot portrait camera. This amazing camera was available from 1971-73. It has a fixed focal distance of 4 feet, so it takes some getting used to. In order to focus on a subject, you must move forward and backward until the projected framelines in the rangefinder line up. This camera was designed for flash exposure only. I’ve tried it without flash, and it yields very dark photos. It uses MagiCubes, which are available on Ebay.

For the above photo, I used Fujifilm FP-100C peel-apart pack film. Fuji doesn’t make a pack film camera, but all of their pack films are compatible with Polaroid pack film cameras, and honestly, in the case of the Big Shot, where I usually prefer accurate color representation, Fuji’s FP-100C is my film of choice.

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February 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

First post!

(Taken with 35mm film in a Lomo Supersampler camera.)

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